First and foremost, I'm deeply sorry to have shared something hurtful to you. And I really appreciate you saying something to be about it directly-- which you definitely didn't have to do-- rather than just unsubscribing. I fully acknowledge my big cis blind spots and am grateful for people like you, who take the time and spend the emotional capital to point them out to me.

A few other people have sent me that Establishment essay,  too, and I'll link to it next week for sure. I hadn't seen it before I wrote Fridays newsletter.

I'm fully  aware it's bullshit to say that including a link is not an endorsement, but in all honesty I'm only just starting to think of links in the "I'm reading" section as carrying my endorsement. It speaks to a deeper issue I need to address, which is that, in the beginning of my newsletter, that "I'm reading" section truly was just what I'd been reading. It was not like, "My faves of the week!" I think I even linked to truly horrible stuff sometimes, back in the early days, like climate-denial shit and anti-feminist rants, because I used the newsletter as a reflection of my personal media diet. And I mean, I *do* read things I disagree with--all the time. (I definitely did not read the NYT op-ed and think, "oooh right on!" Not at all.) But of course that's not how the newsletter is anymore-- all links are endorsements by default because now I have a big subscriber base. I haven't upped my level of scrutiny to match the power I've gained, but clearly it's long past time I do. I'm still working on this stuff.  I'll probably write something more publicly about it in the newsletter soon.

Anyway, I say this by way of an explanation, not an excuse. There's no excuse. Thanks again for your time and generosity, and I really hope you can accept my apology. I'm lucky to count people like you among my subscribers.