Rent my brain by the hour or by the day! I’ve worked behind the scenes with media outlets, startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to share my expertise. Here are some of the people who have rented my brain:

  • A newsletter founder searching for a monetization strategy

  • A journalist with too many side projects and a desire to streamline

  • A small trade publication seeking feedback on how to level up editorially

  • A freelance writer in need of guidance on where to start a big project

  • A social-media startup targeting podcasters

  • A blogger trying to figure out her next steps for audience growth

  • A first-time author looking for help pitching short articles related to her book topic

Are you interested in starting a newsletter or a podcast but want a little guidance? Do you have an editorial strategy that could use an outsider’s perspective? Do you want some feedback on a new media venture or your pitching strategy? Maybe I can help.

Email me: ann [at] ladyswagger [dot] com