How did you promote your podcast?

I'm hosting a new podcast that will be launched in the next few months. Virtual high-five from one lady boss to the next! Was wondering if you had any advice on the podcast world? I know it's basically the wild wild west (partly why I love it so much), but if you learned anything along the way - or wish you could go back and tell yourself something from when you were starting out - I'd love to tap into that knowledge. 

Did you have a specific game plan / PR plan when launching? Did you tout the series before you actually launched? Should I set up a website to collect email addresses and then blast them once the pilot is ready? Any ideas or tidbits you could share would be greatly appreciated, whenever you have a chance to respond.

This is a Really Big Question that's pretty tough to answer. Especially because CYG had several unfair advantages and lucky breaks. Amina and I both have a lot of friends in media, so they were eager to cover us. We also had the fortune of launching about 6 months before Serial got big, so we were all set up and ready for new listeners when people branched out from Serial to look for other podcasts. 

For podcasts that are launching from scratch today, I think the most successful ones have a partnership with an existing media brand so that platform helps them launch. I think of Another Round being linked to Buzzfeed, or 2 Dope Queens being on WNYC-- etc. Not sure about the email strategy, because we didn't start our newsletter until after CYG was quite big.