How should I get started with an email newsletter?

I’m planning to launch a newsletter this year and am interested in learning more about what it takes to make a successful newsletter. Understanding that there is tons of info online about this, I have been crafting a master plan.

After reading about what you do and have done, I thought you’d be the an excellent resource to help me learn more about the medium. Would you mind giving me a few nuggets of advice for someone getting started?

1. The content of your newsletter should make more sense in email than anywhere else online. In other words, if you could just as easily put that info in a tweet, on a website, on tumblr, on instagram, etc. then it's probably not a great email newsletter. Why would someone want your newsletter in their inbox? Give them a reason to want it there.

2. Be consistent. Decide when and how often you're sending, and then stick to that schedule. Even if you only have 50 subscribers and you don't think anyone will notice.

3. Use your personality. People connect with other people, not with "brands" or third-person editorial voices.

4. Create something you want to subscribe to and think is missing.