It's possible to give a gift subscription, but the process is a little annoying. Sorry in advance. Here's what you do:

On the membership form at the bottom of this page, it asks for an email address. Fill in your friend's email address. Click NEXT. On the second page, fill in your friend's email address again, but fill in your name, and your own credit-card info. Your friend will get an email confirmation that looks like this:

This email confirms that Ladyswagger Inc has successfully charged your card for $5.00 USD.

Thank you for being a friend! The next edition of the Ann Friedman Weekly you receive should be the members-only version. If you don't see a pie chart when you open it up, email me and I'll correct it ASAP.

Seriously, thanks for acknowledging the work I put into this newsletter. You're a good person.

  • Payment Details:
  • Charge Date: Dec 14, 2015
  • Bill To: YOUR NAME [This is how they will know it's from you.]
  • Amount: $5.00 USD
  • Last 4 Card Digits: xxxx

This payment is part of your recurring annual membership to The Ann Friedman Weekly.

It will bill to you, but the email address will be your friend's-- which means they'll start getting the paid-version newsletter, and be able to see in the receipt that it's courtesy of you. I know it's not ideal—it's not exactly a design feat and it doesn't explicitly indicate that it's a gift subscription. But right now it's all I got. I'm trying to come up with a better workaround.

Thanks for your support! I am so flattered that you want to give my newsletter as a gift. Let me know if I can answer other questions.

Now you can head back to the members only page and get giftin'.