Photo credit: Jorge Rivas

Photo credit: Jorge Rivas

I’m Ann Friedman. I'm a freelance journalist who writes about gender, media, technology, and culture. 

You can find my weekly column at NYmag.com. I also contribute regularly to The Los Angeles TimesThe GentlewomanThe New Republic, The New York Times Book Review, ELLE, The Guardian, and Los Angeles magazine. I co-host a podcast, Call Your Girlfriend, with my good friend Aminatou Sow. Every Friday I send out an email newsletter full of digital treats. I also make hand-drawn pie charts. I live in Los Angeles.

I grew up in eastern Iowa, studied journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and have since moved back and forth between the coasts. (I prefer the west.) Before I became a freelance writer, I was the executive editor of GOOD magazine. After I was fired along with my colleagues in 2012, we created a crowd-funded magazine called Tomorrow.

Would you like to hire me? Or ask me a question I haven’t already answered here? Or send me an incredible GIF you just found? Email me. I’ll respond if you’re nice.