Los Angeles, CA — Saturday, August 5 — 10am-4pm — with Ann Friedman and Jade Chang

We're two freelance writers who used to be magazine editors. Sure, we love being writers, but we miss the editorial process of batting around ideas and figuring out how they would work best as articles. So let us help you turn your vague ideas and preliminary reporting into concrete pitches. This intimate day-long workshop will mimic the experience of an editorial meeting. In it, you'll:

  • Turn your half-baked ideas into compelling, specific pitches,
  • Face your fear of rejection,
  • Rethink your relationships with editors,
  • Get actionable feedback on your past pitches,
  • Gain insight into the factors that *really* drive editorial decisions,
  • Learn how to set a timetable so your pitches aren't stuck in limbo,
  • Get editors' contact information so you can actually pitch them, and, duh,
  • Write at least two really solid pitch emails.

We'll spend the morning discussing the art of the pitch. In the afternoon, we'll split into small groups to refine your actual ideas into pitchable stories. All attendees are required to show up with one of their unsuccessful pitches and their list of not-quite-fully-formed ideas. (You keep some sort of document with all that stuff in it, right? We definitely do.) We promise you'll leave with at least two concrete pitches and a strong sense of how to level up the rest of your ideas, too.

Don't worry—we'll feed you. Coffee, snacks, seltzer, and lunch from Wax Paper are included. We're still working on a location, but this workshop will take place on the east side.

$250 per person.* Registration is limited to 12 people.


This workshop is intended for people who have ~some~ experience with writing and publishing. Perhaps you are someone who has been writing and pitching for a few years and written some things you're excited about, but you want to take your career to the next level. Or maybe you're someone who's had a job where you have to produce a lot of newsy posts, and you're ready to write longer, more substantive things. Our workshop is good for staffers who are about to go freelance, for people who are new to freelance writing, for experienced short-form writers who want to write more long-form, and for tentative, occasional pitchers who want to become a regular, confident pitchers.

*Registration may be available at reduced cost to those who would be unable to participate otherwise. Send an email to ann@ladyswagger.com that briefly describes your financial need and desire to participate, and we'll decide on a case-by-case basis whether to offer a discount. 


Ann is a regular contributor to New York magazine, The Los Angeles Times, and The Gentlewoman. She sends a popular weekly email newsletter and co-hosts the podcast Call Your Girlfriend. Before becoming a freelancer, she was a magazine editor for six years.

Jade is the author of The Wangs Vs. The World. She was called "unendingly clever" by the New York Fucking Times. She has worked as an arts and culture journalist for publications like the BBCMetropolis, Angeleno, Glamour, and The Los Angeles Times Magazine.